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  1. Hello,
    I’m wondering if I can get some information about using your space as a wedding venue, such as what you offer and what your price range is.
    We are looking to host a wedding in 2022, our date is very flexible, aiming for august to october.
    Thanks for the info,

    1. Post

      Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you for your interest in using our farm for your upcoming wedding – you must be very excited! We are still in the design and build stage, so do not have any buildings yet to host a wedding. If you were only wanting an informal space to host a completely outdoor wedding, then that is something we could discuss, keeping in mind there are no facilities or shelter so you would need to rent those items for your event. We do hope to be up and running fully by the fall of 2023.
      If you would ever like to visit our farm, let us know and we could set up a convenient time for all to meet in the spring 🙂

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